What First-Time Flyers Should Know About Our DropUp Service


For first-time flyers, navigating the airport can be intimidating. Simply figuring out where to park is its own challenge. Here at Park Plus Airport Parking, it’s our mission to take the stress out of travel. Our exclusive DropUp Service eliminates any concerns you have about finding short-term or long-term parking at JFK. Our carefully screened and trained valet attendant will drive you to the airport in your own vehicle—no need to worry if the taxi driver will get you there on time. Upon your return, you’ll be picked up in your own car, letting you travel in comfort. Our valet attendants can get you to the airport quickly. Since it’s their job to drive around airport parking areas, they know all the best ways to beat the traffic. With our… Read More

How Can I Apply for Global Entry?


Going through security is typically the most dreaded part of the flying experience, especially when you’ve already eliminated the hassle of airport parking by choosing a licensed parking company. If you’re a frequent flyer, consider signing up for the Global Entry program. It’s administered by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and it allows pre-approved travelers to bypass the pat-down at select airports. Check Your Eligibility for Global Entry You may be eligible if you are a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident. Citizens of select foreign nations may also be eligible. These countries include the U.K., Germany, Switzerland, Panama, Colombia, Mexico, and South Korea. If your nationality is Canadian, you can apply through the NEXUS program. Some common reasons for ineligibility for Global Entry are: Criminal convictions,… Read More

Awesome Places to Travel to in Autumn


If you did not have time for a summer getaway, then it isn’t too late! Most people go on vacation in the summer, but that is when it is scorching hot. You can avoid the sweltering, sticky weather by going on a vacation in autumn. The best places to travel to in the fall consist of fallen leaves, floating lights, and filling beer festivals! Get a Dosage of Fall Foliage in New York City and at Yellowstone National Park If you need a break from the big city life, you can take a trip to Yellowstone National Park. On top of its beautiful fall foliage, you can also see more than 3,000 square miles of canyons, lakes, hot springs, mountains, and waterfalls. There won’t be too many tourists with cameras… Read More

Can I Fly with Medications or Medical Devices?


If you’re planning to fly, you should know what you are and are not permitted to take on the plane. One of the most common questions fliers have about air travel is whether or not they can bring their medications, medical devices, or any other items they require to stay healthy and safe during their trip. Here are some of the things you are allowed to take with you on a flight. Medications. You are allowed to bring prescription drugs with you on the plane, preferably accompanied by documentation to show why you need them. Both liquid medications and pills are permitted. You do not have to limit liquid medications to the usual rule of three ounces or less, but you should be ready to explain your need for the… Read More

FAQs and Answers About Flying with Your Service Animal


If you’ve never flown with your service animal before, you may be wondering whether you will encounter any problems along the way. Knowing as much as possible about what to expect will help to ensure that your upcoming trip runs as smoothly as possible. Here are some frequently asked questions about traveling with service animals—along with the answers. Will I need to explain why I need my service animal? You should be ready to explain, as clearly and as quickly as possible, what your service animal is for. Make sure to alert airline personnel to your service animal’s presence when you check in at the airport. If your animal is registered as a service animal, you do not have to pay a fee to fly with it. Do I need… Read More

The Dos and Don’ts of Booking Your Flight


There is a right way and a wrong way to book your flight. If you wait until the last minute, you’re already doing it wrong. You’ll want to book your flight well in advance, and choose a reliable parking service for help. Read ahead for a look at the dos and don’ts of booking your flight. Do: Book Your Flight a Few Weeks Ahead of Time Some people don’t realize that there’s actually a sweet spot when it comes to booking your flight. While you’ll want to book your flight in advance, the best time is roughly 2 months before you’re scheduled to depart. Tickets should be at their lowest at this point, and you’ll have plenty of time to deal with other arrangements without worrying about your flight. Don’t:… Read More

Keeping Your Passport Safe


Losing your belongings isn’t fun, and it can be especially inconvenient if you lose something important while you’re traveling. Although you can use a JFK parking service to ensure that you don’t lose your parking spot, you’ll need to take different measures to hold onto your passport. Continue reading for tips on keeping your passport safe. You don’t want to lose your passport while you’re traveling, as this can make getting home much more challenging. At the same time, it also means that someone has your personal details. In order to keep your passport safe, make sure you store it the right way. It’s wise to keep it in a safe in your hotel room so no one else can get to it. If you need to take it with… Read More

What Can and Can’t Go in Your Carry-On


Understanding what you can and cannot pack in your carry-on can save you time and stress when checking into the Newark Airport. Once you know that you cannot bring large tools—but you can pack electronic devices—then you can leave for the Newark Airport parking lot ready for your vacation. Read on for more about packing your carry-on. You can carry electronic devices. Most airlines prohibit electronic devices in checked luggage, so it is necessary to keep your electronics with you. Electronic devices will include: Your cellphone, tablet, and laptop. There may be some restrictions following recalls of certain items, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Follow your flight attendant’s instructions about how to handle your electronic devices. You can’t carry sharp objects. Sharp objects may be used as a… Read More

Tips for Planning a Hassle-Free Trip to the Airport


There are many ways to plan a hassle-free vacation and trip to JFK airport, such as planning and researching as much about your destinations as possible. If you can plan your route to the airport to avoid traffic conditions and reserve your JFK parking spot, then you can prevent much of your pre-vacation stress. Let’s look at some other helpful tips to keep your trip to the airport hassle-free. Tip #1: Check Traffic Conditions Traffic jams, construction zones, and car accidents are one of the most common stressors during a trip to the airport. Even when you leave on time for the airport, you can still show up late due to various traffic conditions. It is imperative that you check traffic conditions for the different routes to the airport. You… Read More

Is Our DropUp Service Right for You?


If you enjoy a stress-free trip to the airport and vacation, then Park Plus Airport Parking’s DropUp service is the perfect choice. Our DropUp service is available for our Newark Airport parking customers, and you can benefit too. DropUp service keeps you in your vehicle until you reach the airport. Continue reading to learn more about our DropUp service and if it is right for you. Park Plus Airport Parking’s DropUp service keeps you and your family in your vehicle while a trained driver drives you straight to your airport terminal. You will not have to worry about hauling car seats to an airport parking shuttle, and your luggage will stay with you until you reach the airport. Your vehicle will then be safely parked in our Newark Liberty parking… Read More

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by Mark on PPAP MICRO
Good Work

I usually write reviews only when a company asks me to review their product or service. But the service I received from Park Plus Valet...

by Mark on PPAP MICRO
Good Work

I usually write reviews only when a company asks me to review their product or service. But the service I received from Park Plus Valet...

by Robert T on PPAP MICRO
This is amazing service

I have used Park Plus recently when I went down to Cape Town. I did my booking online. I contacted them before I left home. They waited...

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