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Qantas was the third airline to receive the Airbus A380 and has 12 of the superjumbos in its fleet with a further eight on deferred order.

The carrier took delivery of its first A380 - which it named Nancy-Bird Walton, after the Australian aviation pioneer - in September 2008.

It deployed the superjumbo on its daily Melbourne to Los Angeles route the following month.

Qantas A380

Qantas A380

Qantas A380 engine

Qantas now also flies the A380 between Sydney and Hong Kong (on selected flights); between Melbourne and London via Dubai; between Melbourne and Los Angeles; between Sydney and Los Angeles; and between Sydney and London via Dubai.

On September 29, it launched the world's longest superjumbo service, a 15-hour and 30-minute journey between Sydney and Dallas/Fort Worth.

Until July 2013, the airline operated the superjumbo in two configurations - the first, now withdrawn, seated 450 and had four cabins with 14 first class suites, 72 business class seats, 32 in premium economy and 332 in economy.

Qantas was the first airline to include a premium economy cabin on an A380.

The second, and now only, configuration seats 484. Fourteen first class seats are located on the main lower deck at the front of the aircraft in a 1-1-1 layout.

Qantas A380 first class

First class

Qantas A380 premium economy

Premium economy

Behind that, there are 341 economy seats split across three cabins and mostly configured 3-4-3.

A further 30 economy seats are located at the back of the upper deck. In front of this area is premium economy, with 35 seats in a 2-3-2 configuration.

The rest of the upper deck is made up of two business class cabins, both configured 2-2-2 and seatign a total of 64 passengers. The first cabin has three rows and the second has seven with two further pairs of seats on each side at the front.

There is also a self-service bar area and, right at the front, a lounge area with sofa seating for five people.

Qantas A380 first class

First class

Qantas A380 first class

First class

In November 2010, Qantas grounded its fleet of A380s, which then numbered six aircraft, following an incident with one of its Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines. In June 2013, Australia's transport safety regulator laid the blame at Rolls-Royce's feet, attributing the failure to a fatigue crack in an oil feed pipe in the engine.

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Graham Smith
A380 2nd configuration

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Graham , what does the second picture below the "shaodow" commercial relate to? It doesn't appear to be a qantas aircraft. Please clarify. Perhaps you could caption your pictures?

Graham, All of QF 380's are now the same configuration with the economy seats at rear of upper deck.


biarritzsurf9 - the picture you are referring to was, as you pointed out, not from a Qantas aircraft but from a mock-up and has as such been deleted. Thanks.

Freedom1 - we are still looking into your comment about the configuration and have emailed Qantas for clarification. Of course, being in Australia they are out of reach at the moment. However, their website does still refer to two configurations:


We hope to have more tomorrow.


We've had a response from Qantas. Both configurations are currently in operation, although configuration 1 is being phased out as the airline's A380 fleet is upgraded.



I assure you both configs are not currently in operation. I work on the QF 380 daily, and the final 380 to go for refit is ship VH-OQB which went in for refit approx 2 weeks ago. This is the last one to be refitted so all 380 flying today for QF are the same config of 14/64/35/371.

Hi Freedom1,

Although your information is at odds with what we've been told by the Qantas press office, you do sound very persuasive!

So I have again approached Qantas for clarification with a link to your comment(s).



We've now checked this again with Qantas head office who have once more confirmed that "there are still currently two configurations in operation, and that we anticipate all A380s to be reconfigured some time this month".


Hi Graham

I'm actually writing this from on board a qf 380 at LHR which oddly enough is VH-OQB Which came back into service yesterday. Quite embarrassing for qf they don't even know which aircraft have which configuration! Believe me or not is your choice, but as of today, I again assure you all 12 have completed the refit and are in operation.

If you get an apology from qf I'd love to hear it :)


If im reading this right the whole of the upper deck only has 1 loo ?? sure this isnt a Ryanair mock up .......................

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